03 September 2014


  • Attention and focus are key if we have achieve anything meaningful in this info flooded always on world.
  • Choosing what to focus on specifically guides your overall experience. Be in the moment paying attention to one thing over many things.
  • Positive emotion helps in ensuring right focus.
  • Living a focused life is not about trying to feel happy all the time. But rather treating your mind as a private garden and being mindful of what u take in and allow it to grow.
  • Research shows what you pay attention yo shapes your brain. So use that throughout your life to keep growing.
  • Focus on relationships
  • Story of Tracey Burke who is a polymath. From Maryland to Wyoming where she is a gourmet cook, ranch hand, gardener, runs ea ranch, legal mediation and yoga.she has continually reinvented herself by focus
  • Happiness is a later reflection of memorable accomplishment or result from a worthwhile strenuous activities. According to mihaly csikzentmihalyi - happiness is a later reflection of the flow, rather than the result of the experience at the time.
  • Productivity matters even in your free time.
  • The antidote to leisure time ennui is to pay as much attention go scheduling a productive evening or weekend as we do a work day. If not by Sunday you start ruminating of a wasted life…u need activities that is fun but also stretch u. Baruch Spinoza made specs during day, William Blake was a painter etc.
  • Just don’t have the time means just don’t have the self discipline.
  • Rapt focus is central to all forms of fulfilling experiences,
  • Decisions require us to think but also move thru the process. Looking at holistically is way more important than piece parts in deciding. Ref to Daniel Kahneman
  • The selves of s1 and s2 or the experiencing self vs remembering self play a part in the overall life. Fortune cookie maxim- nothing in life is as important as you think it is while you are thinking about it. Example of being happy in California vs michigan - as the vast part of what makes up happiness is family relations work etc and small part of weather.
  • We base our choices on our evaluations rather than our actual experience - remember that your life is a sum of what you focus on.
  • Multi tasking is overrated. It’s very inefficient- it’s rapid refocus. To get attention piqued you can use coffee or Ritalin or use regimens and exercises to build your focus muscles
  • Ref Larry Stewart of Missouri business men.
  • Shift away from unhealthy thoughts and emotions and recast negative events into most productive light possible is the most important of all health habits to cultivate.
  • Per Simone Weil - attentiveness without an object is prayer in its supreme form.
  • Ref dugu choegyal rinpoche, Richard Alpert to ram das,

Meditation and yoga or alone time each morning with attentive focus on nothingness is key.