29 January 2015

As I start to attend hackathons around supporting devs to build apps with IBM Bluemix, I kept being asked how to use some public dataset within mobile and web apps. When I was in San Francisco, I heard about the Open Data project. I looked at the Bicycle parking data set and got that into Cloudant for use at hackathons.

The URL for accessing the data is off my Cloudant DB https://mobileraj.cloudant.com/sfbikelots/

I also created _index so you can use Cloudant Query Finding all lots on Ellis:

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" https://mobileraj.cloudant.com/sfbikelots/_find -X POST -d
        "selector": {"street":"ELLIS"},
	"fields": ["street","address","mo_installed","yr_installed","placement","coords","latitude"]

Geo specific queries are also supported - Getting all entries within a boundingbox:


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