25 March 2017

As you might have read about my journey in learning Spanish after nearly 30 years of not learning a language, here is the followup story around how the learning progressed using a data analytic view of that journey…See my repo for the code.

The first iteration of the journey began on Oct 9 2016 and ended Mar 14 2017. As you can see, I hit it pretty hard the first few days..I then stabilized myself to 50XP a day and then when work schedule got heavy, it went to 30XP a day. You can see that in the drop around mid Jan timeframe. The measurement of output each day is using Duolingo’s XP unit.

A density view of the XP can also be seen that shows the 30/50 XP modality…

Looking at the XP achieved each day by the hour of the day….

Expanding on the day of the week/time of the day heatmap, we see the pattern of AM lessons or late evening lessons..

Finally, the summary of the lessons by subject and how it was distributed by day, as it progressed from Oct 2016 till Mar 2017.

This is the first installment of this post. I am still hitting it hard with maintaining 30XP a day. The goal is to have a fluency of 25% before I switch to another form of learning Spanish..

Gracias Dios por toda!