26 February 2014

This post is my first experiment with Jekyll powered site - thank you Github. I had a brief romance with Ruby right before the Ruby on Rails hype cycle. I even have an autographed Ruby book from Dave Thomas himself. And I still follow DHH.

About me

I am curious about how things work, especially the software kind - including brain, cells and programs/systems. I am starting to get into hardware, but there has been no time to get dedicated learning on the likes of arduino or raspberry pi, let alone stamp computing.

So most of the work/writings here will be about code snippets, industry observations, videos around sample apps and anything I am excited about around technology.

on the web

You can find about my professional work life here and read or follow my tweets. I have stayed off Facebook for almost 2 years other than the occasional prod I might get from my family to check out something they had posted etc. I also have started to upload some of my geek play on Youtube

at IBM

You can read my older CV. Currently I lead mobile cloud services initiatives (as a product manager) around the IBM BlueMix platform we announced at Pulse. Let me know if you want to give it a try. I also have responsibility around IBM Worklight product focusing on data on device, analytics, security and integration.

Prior to that I did consulting around app dev & infrastructure projects for IBM Software Group across variety of disciplines - SOA, BPM, BRM, Portal, EAI etc.

All statements, opinions here are my own and doesnt represent in any way of my current or previous employers.


I am trying to continue through my PhD at University of Texas at Austin. Its been very tough given work, family and other commitments. Soon, I will write about some research escapades here. For now, all you will know is here