27 February 2014
  • IDE is Sublime, Vim or Emacs. Preference is Sublime on my Mac; but I use Vim as well. Vim and Emacs from my Ubuntu machines
  • Git for managing my workflow of versioning.
  • todo need to look at watcher like tools to the bag
  • Chrome for browsing, testing with the awesome Devtools for debugging and styling
  • Omnigraffle for diagramming manually; PlantUML and Graphviz for automatic generation of diagrams from ascii
  • Ofcourse Jekyll to power the site.

Come up with an idea, something to write about or show-off a recent piece of code

Do the work in creating the asset - code/app/video etc.

Create a new post rake post title and give it a title

Open the post in editor vim post and slog

Save occasionally to see how it looks. jekyll serve, view localhost:4000 in Chrome; if already running ctrl+c, jekyll serve

When done, see what needs to be checked in git status -s , git add post.md , git commit -a -m “changes were made” , git push origin master

See it via Chrome on mobileraj.github.io