24 December 2015

I have had a fascination with Warren Buffett since I landed in the US and learned about him form a mentor of mine. Although I had heard of his famous chairman letters and how accessible they were, I was more interested in his bio and other content about him.

I finally broke down this year and started reading his letters which are publicly available on Berkshire Hathaway site. This holiday season, I went and tried to visualize the themes of his writing using Topic Models. What follows is a write up of the work I did.

Downloading data

I used wget and a simple python script to download the PDFs (since 1998) and extract the text using Ghostscript. For the plain HTML ones (pre1998) I used html2text and then extracted text. Since the writing were plain text and no fancy images etc. it was easy to get the data. Once extracted I had original letters in text file format from 1977-2014, a total of 38 files.

Learning about Topic Models

A separate technical note will follow this where I will document my learnings of this topic.

Topic Model tooling

I was back to using R, python to see what LDA/Topic Model library did the job I was looking for. I explored lda & topicmodel & tm libraries in R and LDA & gensim libraries in Python. In the end I ended up using Mallet from UMass which was simple and performant for the documents had. Both Python and R libraries took over 2 minutes to process the 38 docs for 500 iterations, while Mallet did the job in 10s of secs. A screenshot of using the tool on my Linuxtop.

Mallet at work

Exploring dataset

Before I started looking at the topics and running LDA or one of its variants, I wanted to see how the word distribution looked like, so I used R to get the wordcloud which helped me to refine my stopword selection to be used in Mallet.

Word Cloud

For completion, here the are the top 10 words in bar plot- Wordbars

Topic based analysis of Buffet letters

Mallet is very easy to use and once you have the text documents primed, its a breeze. Since most of the cursory read of the letters suggested that there were similar themes that Buffett was writing, I wanted to understand if number of topics had any impact to how the themes evolved over the past 30+ years in Buffett’s writing. I tried 2,5,10,20,25,50 topics and ended up pruning 5,10,20 topics to see the evolution and did most of the analysis with 5 topics model. I show the HTML output produced by Mallet for 5 topics model with top 10 words Mallet 5Topic Out

Then I proceeded to plot the topics over time for the 5,10,20 topics models. 20 topics model with top 3 topics per letter over time -


10 topics model with top 3 topics per letter- 10topics

5 topics model with top 3 topics per letter- 5topics


My favourite tool from the viz toolchest has been multi-dimensional scaling (MDS) for higher dimensional data for the last decade and so I took the 5 topics model and tried to visualize the the letters over time using how each letter contributes to the topic (probablities). This produced the most cool graph clustering the 70s,80s,90s,2000s loosely.

MDS 5topics

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